Technical Article

Technical Article

Causes of false alarm of metal detector

There are many reasons for metal detection alarm. Because metal detection machine is a sensitive equipment, it is affected by the surrounding magnetic field (including electromagnetic, if there are wires) and the moisture of conveyor belt.

The workflow of checkweigher introduce

For many people who are new to weighing scales,the biggest problem was what was the workflow of the checkweigher.If you want to use the check weigher well, you should understand the work flow of the check weigher from the principle.

Accurate test method for check weighing scale

Accurate test method for check weighing scale play a important role in our life,The most important thing is accuracy. If you don't measure it accurately, it's meaningless.Next I will give you a way to measure the accuracy of the check weighing scale.

Checkweighing scale suddenly appears inaccurate inspection method

Checkweigher play an important role in our daily life,how should we check ourselves if there is a problem during use?Following me,I believe this artical will help you a lot !

Constituent parts of checkweigher

Online checkweigher is a kind of online weight checking equipment with high speed and high precision, advanced dynamic weight signal processing system, abundant software, electronic and mechanical components, make this series can meet the requirements of online weight checking machine of all walks of life, modular design makes the operation and daily maintenance of this series very simple.

Sorting Principle of Checkweigher

With the development of society has been improving, check weighing machines conform to the trend of the times, perfect display in our real enterprises! It can double the speed of product weight detection on line, and also ensure the quality problem of the product to achieve the effect of quality assurance.

How does a checkweigher work?

How does a checkweigher work? In principle, a distinction must be made between dynamic and static checkweighers: Static scales are table or floor scales on which products have to be placed manually and the scale determines the period of time when it has reached a weight estimation. This leads to highly accurate weighing results, however, this procedure can only be carried out on a random basis.

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